Name Laura
Nickname Mochi
From Padova (around)- Italy
Born 17 may 1980
I love Surfing the net, collecting manga, watching interesting anime^^" Sleeping 'till late!! Using the PC to do graphics... cakes especially with chocolate! Writing to people by snail/e-mail!
I hate Not sleeping much, hipocritical and false people
Music Whatever, different types, even anime soundtracks
Song Iperbole(Raf), Bring Me To Life(Evanescence)
I eat Every type of cake, chocolate, pizza :P I eat nearly anything... I'm greedy I know!!!
I don't eat Truffles!!! Bleah spiny fish
Trips I would really like to go to Egypt one day wow the mystery the pyramids!! And to Japan! It's pretty obvious, right? Space too if I could
Books "The Lord Of Ring"(Tolkien), Harry Potter.
Manga Everything by Ai Yazawa *_*, shojo in general, Rookies, Vagabond.. there are too many.. I have more than 900 ^^"'
Film Contact (Jodie Foster)
Pets An annoying dog and Cippo the canary!!!
Passion Manga, my telescope that I use to look at the night sky!

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